MWA231A 180 ° prism lens technology

MWA231A  180 ° prism lens technology

MWA231A 180° Prism is designed to give you the widest, most even spread of illumination,          
broadening spacing between rows, and properly dispersing the light to avoid hot spots in shallow applications.          
This results in a blend of light from all the modules, versus a direct projection onto the face from each module individually. 

Constant Current Technology (CCT) is at the heart of Glow LED's  product offering, and forms the backbone of Glow LED channel  letter products. Weintroduced CCT to the industry tomaintain  consistent current levels, eliminating the line loss and voltage  drop issues commoninmany LED lighting systems. CCT provides  uniform light output throughout the entire installation, while also  preventing damage from overdriving of the leds.

Ideal Depth: 1.6" - 5"

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Spec Sheet

specifications.png  Specifications

Viewing Angle: 180° Phoenix Wing Optics

Input Voltage: 12vDC

Watts: 1.0w/mod 

Luminous Efficacy: 170(lm/W)

Modules/Foot: 2/ft. fully stretched

Protection Grade: IP65 water proof

Packaging: Anti-static bag, 180 modules (88.6ft)/bag

Warranty: 5 Year (Product) 

Operating Temp: -40°~ +60 °C / -40° ~ +140 °F

Storage Temp: -40°~ +70 °C / -40° ~ +158 °F

Cascade: 30 mods single-ended power feed
                 60mods double-ended power feed.

features.png  Features


Pure White

Natural White

Warm White

Part #:


Color Temp:





150 lm/mod (300lm/ft.)

150 lm/mod (300lm/ft.)

150 lm/mod (300lm/ft.)

*Additional color temps available upon special order (MOQ’s Apply)

Available Colors







Warm White